"Past is past. You can’t change it, you can poke at it and prod it but you cannot change it. So you move on, do your best."

  • me: oh fuck it
  • me: *adds black and white gradient*

i know i’m where i belong
deep down inside i am no longer lost

black widow + quotes

i need to believe there is a special hell reserved for shippers who make skye have w*rd’s nazi babies

Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston pose with their awards for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” during the Governors Ball for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014.

I woke up today to:

  • B.J. Britt spotted on set
  • Clark Gregg wearing a Skye t-shirt (ur 0-8-4 submission for the Skoulson Fest is a bit late good sir, pls shape up)
  • WardStans being racist as all fuck

All in all, a good day to be in this fandom. Also the Fest is going much better than I feared expected so boy am I grateful.

skye + a dustland fairytale by the killers
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