you’ve gotten into my bloodstream
i can feel you f l o w i n g in me


Archie Panjabi is leaving The Good Wife at the end of the season? Wow.

I’m not surprised. Seriously, when was the last time Kalinda had a plot of her own? They’ve been doing literally nothing with her for centuries now. Even her girlfriends are repetitive as fuck.

I’d rather she just leaves, if the writers are failing her so hard. Also, and I’m being selfish now, that means hopefully no more Cary/Kalinda ugh.

I haven’t looked at my dashboard for three weeks, so I’ve had to make a decision and just stop following pretty much everyone for the time being (although I didn’t follow many people in the first place).

I’m sorry, but I’m dealing with some family issues and some health issues and some Marvel issues, and tumblr is supposed to be my escape but currently it’s not.

So again I’m really sorry - it’s not you, it’s my anxiety. You’re all welcome to keep on following me (why tho), but I don’t know if I’m gonna be posting much, or at all tbh - I’m gonna be hanging out at fuckyeahskoulson anyway. Of course you can also unfollow me, no hard feelings.

Hope you understand.

you’ll go crazy staring at this crap


skoulson romfest 2k14 | day 6 → ‘nice night’

skoulson romfest 2k14 | day 6
→ ‘nice night’

Toronto International Film Festival Portraits - Anthony Mackie