i could talk about that character less

but i could also

not do that

Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are?


so agents of shield went full-on brainless last night, and they are making ward/skye even grosser than it already was (yeah! that’s possible!) and seriously WHAT DID I EVER EXPECT FROM PEOPLE NAMED WHEDON?

#those times when you think you’re watching a better show than you are actually watching #it happens

All colors seem brighter this morning like I just woke from a Whedon fuelled dream idk


when the idea of watching the new episode of a tv show makes you physically ill I guess that’s the signal to stop watching said show altogether and embrace your mother’s words of wisdom from circa 1999: “it’s only a television show

but i will see you wherever you go

God damn it, this show will end me. I’m pretty sure I hate its guts, but in the sense of what it’s gonna do to me, and boy do I know it’s coming. Not that it’s gonna hurt any less having that knowledge beforehand, mind you.

But I guess I won’t regret these months? After all, how often does your mind get completely absorbed by something, in a way that makes you think dude my mom is right, it’s only fucking TV. It almost never happens, at least to me.

And you know how these things get when shipping is involved. Especially, shipping on TV. That is the single worst thing that can happen to you, if you ask me.

But anyway, what I mean to say is more Agents of SHIELD thoughts? Just random things, theories (???)… you know, that sort of thing.

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the anger swells in my guts
and i won’t feel these slices and cuts

but the good ones, the real deal…

I don’t know what to say.

that’s right.
it’s for s.h.i.e.l.d.’s soul.